Tuesday, September 18, 2018

SQL Developer Training by SQL Operations

Professional SQL Developer Training (Video On-Demand)

Training: SQL Developer Training
Modules: 20
Cost: $129
Subscription: 1 year
SQL Developer Training Fee

Become a professional SQL Server Developer and join the most opportunist and high demanding database market. This training is tailored to help you learn from the basics to the advanced topics of SQL Server 2014/2012. Our video on-demand training is rated #1 by SQL professionals from across the globe. Our instructors are subject matter experts with 12+ years of on-the-field experience with SQL Server providing you convenience of learning at your own pace at anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Training quality
SQL Developer on-demand training has gone thru rigorous quality checks including technical authenticity before it is made available to you. Our online secured forum enables each member to interact with the instructor for the duration of the training.

SQL Developer Training by SQL Operations

$129.00 (USD)
(12 months Subscription)

SQL Deeloper Training Payment

SQL Developer On-Demand Training Sample Demo's:
Working with Inner Joins Inline Table Valued Functions Understanding SQL Azure Working with CONCAT Function Working with Aggregate Functions
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