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SLQ DBA Training Syllabus Using SQL Server 2014


SQL Server DBA Training Schedule (SQL Server 2014)


 Start Date

 End Date

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 Apr 27, 2015

Jun 5, 2015

Mon, Wed, Fri

 7 – 8 PM PST

 Live Instructor-Led

 $549 (USD)



 May 9, 2015

 Jun 28, 2015

 Sat & Sun

 11 - 1 PM EST

 Live Instructor-Led

 $549 (USD)


Course Details

Introduction to SQL Server 2014 and the Role of a DBA
This class provides an overview of the SQL Server. It describes the components, editions, and versions of
SQL Server 2014, SQL Server services and configuration options, and service accounts.
Installing, Configuring and Managing SQL Server 2014
This class explains how to assess resource requirements for SQL Server 2014 and how to install it.
Working with Databases and Storage
This class shows how SQL Server uses storage for system and database files, and how to manage storage for database and the buffer cache extension.
Planning and Implementing a Backup Strategy
This class describes considerations for planning a data recovery strategy, and teaches students how to perform the various possible types of backup.
Restoring SQL Server 2014 Databases
This class builds on backup strategy class and describes how to restore databases from backups and to work with recovery and standby.
Importing and Exporting Data in and out of SQL Server 2014
This class provides an introduction to the data import and export tools that are available with SQL Server.
Monitoring SQL Server 2014
This class describes how to monitor database server performance using Activity Monitor, database management views and functions, and Performance Monitor.
Tracing SQL Server Activity
This class continues on the subject of monitoring, but focuses on tracing activity within SQL Server by using SQL Server Profiler and SQL Trace.
Managing SQL Server Security
In this class, students learn about the security architecture of SQL Server, how to manage security principals at the server and database level, and how to apply permissions to control access to data.
Auditing Data Access and Encrypting Data
This class continues to explore security by discussing how to audit SQL Server and how to implement encryption.
Performing Ongoing Database Maintenance
This class introduces common ongoing database maintenance tasks that database administrators typically perform, and introduces automation in the form of maintenance plans.
Automating SQL Server 2014 Management
This class extends the coverage of automation by discussing SQL Server Agent and the job system,
Including how to configure multi-server jobs.
Monitoring SQL Server 2014 with Notifications and Alerts
This class completes the automation section by discussing operators, alerts, and notifications.
Understanding, Configuring and Managing AlwaysOn
This class focuses on the new HADRON technology AlwaysOn. In this class, we will look in to the concepts, setup, configuration and how to manage AlwaysOn environment.
Best Practices for a DBA
This class focuses on the real-life best practices that will help users to improve their overall management of database infrastructure as a DBA.
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