Friday, August 17, 2018
ETL Developer Training Schedule (SQL 2014 - SSIS)


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 Sat, Sun

 11- 1 pm EST

 Live Instructor-Led

 $449 (USD)





 Sat & Sun

 11 - 1 pm EST

 Live Instructor-Led

 $499 (USD)


Course Details
Overview and Installation of SSIS 2014
Using Import and Export Wizard
Installing Integration Services
Setting up Sample Databases
Creating a Solution and Project
Overview of the SQL Server Data Tools
Creating your First SSIS Package
Control Flow
Using Precedence Constraints
Using Files with the File System Task
Using the Execute SQL Task
Using the Execute Process Task
Using the Expression Task
Using the Send Mail Task
Using the FTP Task
Creating a Data Flow
Data Flow
Extracting Data from Sources
Loading Data to a Destination Server
Changing Data Types with the Data Conversion Transform
Creating and Replacing Columns with the Derived Column Transform
Rolling up Data with the Aggregate Transform
Ordering Data with the Sort Transform
Joining Data with the Lookup Transform
Auditing Data with the Row Count Transform
Combining Multiple Inputs with the UNION ALL Transform
Cleansing Data with the Script Component
Separating Data with the Conditional Split Transform
Handling Bad Data with the Fuzzy Lookup
Removing Duplicates with the Fuzzy Grouping Transform
Creating Dynamic Packages
Making a Package Dynamic with Variables
Making a Package Dynamic with Parameters
Making a Connection Dynamic with Expressions
Making a Task Dynamic with Expressions
Common ETL Scenarios
Loading Data Incrementally
Using the CDC Components in SSIS
Using Data Quality Services
Using the DQS Cleansing Transform
Creating a Master Package
Using Containers
Using Sequence Containers to Organize a Package
Using For Loop Containers to Repeat Control Flow Tasks
Using the Foreach Loop Container to Loop through a Collection of Objects
Configuring SSIS Packages
Deploying Packages with Configuration Tables
Deploying Packages with Configuration Files
Configuring Child Packages
Troubleshooting SSIS
Logging Package Data
Using Event Handlers
Troubleshooting Errors
Using Data Viewers
Using Breakpoints
Administering SSIS
Creating and Configuring SSIS Catalog
Deploying Packages to the Package Catalog
Configuring the Packages
Configuring the Service
Securing SSIS Packages
Running SSIS Packages
Running Packages in T-SQL and Deploying Packages
Scheduling Packages
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