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SQL Server 2014 Instructor-Led Online Training

SQL Server 2014 Developer Training

Become a SQL Server 2014 Developer by learning to write extensive Transact-SQL  queries, Creating Stored Procedures, Writing Joins, Sub-queries, String Manipulation, Window Functions, Transactions, Functions, DML, DDL, TCL and Programming with Transact-SQL. Click Here to Learn More.

Business Intelligence Developer Training

BI Developer (PowerBI)
Become a BI Developer by learning to create managed enterprise BI solutions, implement multidimensional and tabular data models, deliver reports with SSRS, and discover business insights by using data mining. This course uses SQL Server 2014 SSAS, SSIS & SSRS. Click Here to Learn More.

ETL Developer Training using Integration Services 2014

ETL Developer Training (Using SSIS 2014)
Become an ETL developer by learning how to develop SSIS packages. This course covers topics that include using Control Flow, Dynamic Packages, Containers, File System Task, Package Configuration, Package Deployment and everything that is needed for you to become an ETL Developer. Click Here to Learn More.

SQL Server 2014 DBA Training

SQL DBA (Database Administration)
Become a SQL DBA by learning how to administer and manage SQL Server 2014. This course covers Security, Maintenance, H/A Using AlwaysOn, Backups, System Configuration and other DBA topics that prepares you to become a solid production Database Administrator. Click Here to Learn More.

Internals of SQL Server Performance Tuning Training

Internals of SQL Server Performance Tuning (Advanced)
Learn the internals of Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting using SQL Server 2014. This training covers everything you need to optimize queries, troubleshoot locking and blocking, detecting and troubleshooting CPU, Disk IO, and Memory related performance issues and more. Click Here to Learn More.

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