Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Upgrade SQL ServersAre you planning on migrating your database from Oracle, DB2, MS-Access, or MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server? Are you looking to upgrade from older version of SQL Server to a newer release? Are you planning on upgrading your server hardware?

We have performed more than 2 Petabytes of data migration/upgrade on SQL Server. We have helped upgrade and migrate databases for various partners across multiple industries including Healthy industry, Technology, Banking, & Telecommunications.


Whether your database is a legacy old system or is in a non-Windows environment, we’ll take care if upgrading your databases to and from Windows environment. We pay attention to the every detail when upgrading the databases to make sure the database performs as expected or better.

Our team has extensive experience in performing In-Place or Side-By-Side upgrades of SQL Server with zero outage or impact to business. We have successfully completed hundreds of legacy system migration and version upgrades without interrupting the business.

We Upgrade All Versions of SQL Servers

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Contact us today and we can help you with server migration, SQL Server upgrade, Hardware upgrade, O/S upgrade and any application upgrades successfully.

You can call us @: +1 (404) 800-5359

You can email us @: info@sqloperations.com

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