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High Avaialbility and Disaster Recovery from SQL OperationsData is the heart and soul of your business. Any downtime of your database application or system will translate in to loss in terms of customer satisfaction, revenue, brand name, etc. Any database failures and unplanned database downtimes can have devastating consequences for your business. It is extremely important to have a solid strategy and a documented disaster recovery planning that can help mitigate the risks of hardware, software, network, disk, CPU and memory failures including data loss or application downtime.

Enable Highest Database Availability

SQL Operations, stands out when it comes to High Availability and Disaster Recovery of your SQL Server, Our team of database experts have worked with AlwaysOn Technology, Database Mirroring, Log Shipping, Replication and Shared Scalable Database Technologies since its beta releases. Our solution has delivered highest availability of critical database systems that use AlwaysOn and Database Mirroring (Note: This is deprecated now). No matter how complex your requirements are, no matter how highly available your databases needs to be and no matter how far your servers are from each other, we will help design, develop and implement the solution for you.

Our team has written numerous TechNet and MSDN articles that focus on Backups, Log Shipping, Transactional Replication, Peer-to-Peer Replication, Database Mirroring and AlwaysOn (Codename: Hadron).

Our experts are available 24x7 to help you with building a solid BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) strategy and help implement the best optimal and the most cost efficient high availability solution for your business.

We can help build and implement a solid high availability and disaster recovery for your critical business database solution.

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