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Most Trusted SQL Server Company

Whether you are looking to design a new database system, to optimize the performance of your existing application, or to conduct a scalability and availability review for your database application of infrastructure, our Database Subject Matter Expert team provides your organization with high-performance and highly scalable solutions using Microsoft SQL Server technologies. We are highly recognized for our outstanding database work at many large corporations including: Verizon, Bank of America, GSMC, OHMC, Delta, Zones, SPI, etc. .

Trusted Experience

We have developed and deployed numerous highly scalable data-centric solutions for multiple industries such as communications, information technology, healthcare, and retail. Our team of SQL-Architects and Programmers ensure all solutions are designed with highest quality and business standards.

Here's what we can do for you (Please contact us for other requirements) 

1. Proactive Health and Risk Audit 13. Migrate Data to and from Oracle, DB2 and MySQL 
2. Database Development 14. Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting
3. Administration and Maintenance 15. Custom SQL Server Training (onsite / online) 
4. Availability and Disaster Recovery  16. Perform SQL Server Proof of Concept 
5. Provide 24x7 Production Support  17. SQL Server Process Automation 
6. H/W Capacity and Growth Forecast  18. Data Integration with Various Sources 
7. Data Distribution and Scalability  19. Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
8. Optimize Queries and SPROCS 20. Quality Assurance and Testing
9. Encryption of Data 21. Technical Project Management  
10. Resolve Data Quality Issues  22. Upgrade SQL Server and Windows Servers 
11. Setup and Configure Servers  23. Design and Build Database and Server Security 
12. Design VLDB and Big Data Solution 24. Database Architecture and Design


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You can call us @: +1 (404) 800-5359

You can email us @: info@sqloperations.com

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