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Database Audit by SQL Operations

SQLOPS is a Proactive Risk and Health Assessment program for companies using SQL Server. We perform 5000+ check points of your SQL Server covering various aspects of SQL Server including Configuration, Performance, Availability, SQL Agent, Maintenance, Security, Administration, Architecture Design, and other areas of SQL Server.

SQLOPS helps expose vulnerabilities, non-optimal settings, data corruption and other potential improvement opportunities in your database environment and operational processes. We prepare a detailed report of your environment and provide you with the problem, recommendation, automation scripts to remediate the problems (where possible), ROI, Investment in terms of time and resources, tasks list along with priorities and low-hanging fruit so that you can prepare and plan the implementation of improvement effectively.

Once the audit is complete, our expert database team will deliver the report, raw data, recommendations along with detailed technical explanation of each item identified and how addressing each item can benefit your database environment.


Get Your Database Environment Tuned Up!

We pay attention to every single detail and thrive to squeeze out improvement opportunity from every corner of your database environment. Our detailed database audits have helped gain tremendous ROI’s for our partners.

We take pride when your database environment starts to perform better. Here are some of the areas (not a complete list) we drill in, to perform the audit of your database environment.

Database Audit by SQL Operations

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